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Russian Bear

In this tale of discovery, the web of life is revealed when Prescott learns there’s more to the Woods of Wonder than meets the eye, as he gets caught in his own trap while trying to catch the world famous bicycle riding Russian Bear.

Krickty Krack boy
and the very first piece of bubble gum ever!

It’s certain doom for Ip, the dragon fly, when his foot gets stuck in an old piece of bubble gum, explore secrete glowing caves, ancient streambeds and parts unknown in this tale of survival, ingenuity and friendship.

The (W)hole of Forgiveness

The sequel to Algrath the Family tree – We journey with Sam though the Woods of Wonder on a journey of discovery; meeting Rothcuro the owl, the tree of music and the Hole of Forgiveness ultimately learning the meaning of self acceptance.

Artemis and Dimitri and the….

Things go from bad to worse when Artemis and Dimitri find out just how hard it can be to get everything done in one day.

North Cascades, Washington State

"Every flower has to go through
a lot of dirt."
-Lauren Bond

Rainy day, North Cascades

"You can only go halfway into the darkest forest, then you are coming out the other side."
-Chinese Proverb

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