Algrath Respects Your Privacy

Algrath and Old Growth Industries is committed to protecting your privacy. Algrath and Old Growth Industries will not sell or rent, loan or give personal and/or information about our customers to anyone or any business! We keep your information CONFIDENTIAL!

Algrath and Old Growth Industries uses information supplied by our customers and visitors only to serve them by answering questions, providing information to them, and satisfying their orders.

Our site uses an online secure order form for our customers to order products. We collect information, like email addresses, financial information and contact information, in order to process our customers orders. The customer's contact information and email addresses are used to get in touch with the our customers when necessary and to notify customers about new products available on, and about environmental and educational news and information. Financial information that is collected is used only to bill our customer for products purchased.

Email/Feedback information is used to provide our visitors with occasional e-mail updates about special offers and new products. However, if you would rather not receive these, let us know—via the unsubscribe option present in every email, or via email or mail—and we will remove your e-mail address from our database. We enforce a 'no-spam' policy that renounces unsolicited commercial email.

All of the customer information we collect is protected against unauthorized access and is only available to specially trained customer service staff members to assist a customer with their order.

This site is intended for children, but children should use this site only with the direct supervision of their parents.

Thank you,
Algrath and Old Growth Industries



"My Goal is to Plant One Million Trees in Algrath's Name!"—Bruce Dear, Author, Algrath.

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