About Algrath

Welcome to Algrath the Family Tree. 

Algrath originally began as an idea for a children’s play. I became enthralled with the idea of just how long a tree could live in comparison to people. I loved the idea of a tree that could tell stories of all the experiences it had witnessed in its lifetime, especially if it was located near where many people would pass by. Trees are truly a marvel of longevity and connectedness to the earth, and are one of the true time capsules we as humans can experience. Just think a 500 year old tree would have been around at the birth of the United States. Algrath is an exploration of our connection to nature and the intricacies inherent in the web of life bringing color, character and meaning in a fun, nature inspired way.  
People often ask me for what age is this series aimed at to which I answer "seven." And by that I mean it’s for the seven year old in all of us. I believe we all have an inner child that needs to get out and play, to ignite our imaginations, to get a little dirty with the humus of Mother Earth, to go beyond where the sidewalk and pavement end, to reach out and meet nature on her terms and through this experience we are able to live a little more in the present of everyday life.  
Algrath is an invitation to play, explore and learn in the woods of wonder. So I invite you to take off your shoes, dip your toes in the Stream of Consciousness, jump into the Pool of Imagination and unearth your own creativity that’s waiting to be discovered. Because let’s face it to a 1500 year old tree even a 100 year old person is just a child!  

Say Hello to Algrath, the Family Tree!

"I became enthralled with the idea of just how long a tree could live in comparison to people."

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